Hot dip galvanizing binds economy and environmental sustainability through the protection of steel against corrosion, extends the life cycle of the works by avoiding maintenance and refurbishment, and at the end of the life of the zinc coating the product, which has remained unchanged in its original structure, can be protected against corrosion by a new galvanizing or recycled in a steel plant as a raw material. Lorenzo Del Carlo – Zincheria Toscana in its fifty years of activity has galvanized more than 500 thousand tons of steel with a saving for the environment of about 800 million liters of oil, equal to the non-emission of 1,761,500 tons of CO2. The environmental policy of the Company is also found in having installed solar panels for the production of domestic hot water, and an integrated photovoltaic system for the production of electricity with amorphous silicon panels for a power of 155 Kwp.