Lorenzo Del Carlo, thanks to his proven experience of over thirty years, cutting-edge equipment and skilled labor is able to perform cutting and drilling operations on steel, according to the customer’s design. Moreover, thanks to the other partner companies: Metalzinco, Macofer and CML is able to provide services of galvanization in centrifuge, shot blasting, powder coating or liquid painting.


With a 3.200 square meter warehouse, equipped with bridge cranes up to 10 tons, over thirty years of experience and skilled labor, Lorenzo Del Carlo – Zincheria Toscana is able to perform cutting and drilling operations according to the customer’s drawing. This is especially true for those products which, due to their size, must be subjected to particularly high transport costs.


Lorenzo Del Carlo produces a variety of structures in carpentry for tramways and railways, from pylons to complex systems that incorporate both railway signage and light signals.


Hot dip galvanizing offers steel an extremely effective protection against corrosion and rust formation, in fact through a metallurgical reaction a layer of intermetallic iron-zinc alloy resistant to impacts and perfectly continuous is created which prevents the contact of the manufactured articles with the atmosphere. The dimensions of the galvanizing tank of Lorenzo Del Carlo – Zincheria Toscana are: length 12.20 m – width 1.50 m – depth 3.20 m.